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Saturday, 18th and Sunday, 19th

Handmade Canberra


Friday, 31st

The Secret Garden at Collins Place




Friday, 5th until Sunday, 7th

Bowerbird Design Market, Adelaide


Sunday, 7th

Markit Fedsquare




Saturday, 3rd

Seddon Makers Market


Sunday, 25th

Melbourne Design Market




Saturday, 2nd

Seddon Makers Market



Manuela Igreja

Manuela Igreja is a Melbourne based jeweller. After moving to Australia from Portugal, she began to explore the diverse landscapes and fell in love with the local flora and fauna. With a background in mathematics and origami, it seemed a natural progression to explore the geometry and textures that surround us in her organic jewellery collection.

Manuela divides her time between exploring the land to collect botanical elements, and working in her studio to create unique and remarkable jewels. Wearing one of Manuela's creations is having a little piece of Australian nature inspired by the vibrant creative culture of Melbourne.



ALL ENQUIRIES: email@manuelaigreja.com